About Us

North Grassie Properties Inc. is a land development corporation based in the city Winnipeg Manitoba. The Winnipeg-born owners have been serving the Winnipeg development community since 1972 and have seen Winnipeg grow and change over the decades. Primarily a residential development company, North Grassie has also working in small multi family as well as light commercial developments. In recent years the company has been working with the City of Winnipeg to create communities that have a mix of single-family, multi-family, commercial and park space.

North Grassie is an active member of the Urban Development Institute as well as the Manitoba Home Builders Association. The company believed in contributing to the growth and direction of the Winnipeg development community in an effort to provide the best thought out plans that are being sought after builders and homeowners alike.

The company has been built on the philosophy of creating opportunities for its partners in an effort to grow together. It believes that a healthy and sustainable land development company is built by helping the people and businesses it works with be successful.

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